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Owner: Shaher Ismail
Head Coach: Anthony Giustini

Web: http://www.905bjj.com
Email: 905Bjj@gmail.com
Phone: (905) 503-0623

Owner: KellyDavidCorey Jackson
Head Coach: KellyDavidCorey Jackson

Web: http://www.actionmma.ca/
Email: action.jackson@live.ca
Phone: (249) 358-1573


Web: http://ajaxmma.ca
Email: info@ajaxmma.com
Phone: (905) 239-0595

Web: https://artof8.com/
Email: info@artof8.com
Phone: (519) 941-7275

Web: http://www.athenamuaythai.ca/
Email: info@athenamuaythai.ca
Phone: (905) 373-8890

Owner: Bradley Coronel
Head Coach: Bradley Coronel

Web: http://mississaugabmt.com
Email: mississaugabmt@gmail.com
Phone: (647) 220-0824

Owner: nick castiglia

Web: http://barrhavenmartialarts.ca/
Email: nick@barrhavenmartialarts.ca
Phone: (613) 823-3003

Owner: Nicholas Seguin

Web: http://www.bigodemaf.com
Email: bigodemartialarts@gmail.com
Phone: (613) 668-5122

Owner: Mark Simon
Head Coach: Mark Simon

Web: https://blackeaglemartialarts.ca/
Email: info@blackeaglemartialarts.ca
Phone: (905) 674-5987

Owner: Laura Vuculescu

Web: https://www.blacktigersgym.com/
Email: blacktigersgym@yahoo.com
Phone: (416) 751-4400

Owner: Yuki Yamanaka
Head Coach: Yuki Yamanaka

Web: http://bossthaiboxing.com
Email: yuki@bossthaiboxing.com
Phone: (613) 862-2670

Owner: Nick Bautista
Head Coach: Nick Bautista

Web: http://www.bramptonmuaythai.com
Email: nickbautista@bramptonmuaythai.com
Phone: (905) 458-7364

Owner: Nick Maroulis

Web: http://www.budocanada.com
Email: info@budocanada.com
Phone: (416) 780-1300

Owner: Darryl Marin
Head Coach: Darryl Marin

Web: http://www.darksidemuaythai.ca
Email: info@darksidemuaythai.ca
Phone: (226) 208-0216

Owner: Tony Manoharan
Head Coach: Tony Manoharan

Web: https://diamondmuaythai.ca/
Email: info@diamondmuaythai.ca
Phone: (647) 407-5551

Owner: Dan Novak
Head Coach: Dan Novak

Web: https://emakravmaga.ca/
Email: dan@ematoronto.ca
Phone: (647) 919-5728

Owner: Mathew Jao
Head Coach: Mathew Jao

Web: http://etobicokemartialarts.ca/
Email: info@etobicokemartialarts.ca
Phone: (647) 231-6711

Head Coach: Richard Godoy

Web: http://www.evolutionbjjpetawawa.com/
Email: evolutionbjjpetawawa@hotmail.com

Owner: Raj Dhanjal
Head Coach: Raj Dhanjal

Web: http://www.farangmartialarts.com
Email: dhanjalraj@yahoo.ca
Phone: (416) 616-5575

Owner: Joseph Marchand
Head Coach: Joseph Marchand

Web: http://fifthround.ca/
Email: info@fifthround.ca

Owner: Zac Spinosa

Web: http://www.Forgefitness.ca
Email: zac@forgefitness.ca
Phone: (905) 933-7867

Owner: Terry Sulkye

Web: http://www.thegoldentiger.com
Email: sulkye@wightman.ca
Phone: (519) 364-0123

Web: https://gbottawa.com/
Email: info@gbottawa.com
Phone: (613) 232-4646

Owner: Alin Halmagean
Head Coach: Alin Halmagean

Web: http://www.houseofchampionsmma.com
Email: alinhalmagean@hotmail.com
Phone: (905) 930-8777

Owner: Zachary Baldwin
Head Coach: Zachary Baldwin

Web: https://infinite-mma.com
Email: info@infinite-mma.com
Phone: (613) 969-7653

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This directory is a complete list of Ontario based clubs fully registered with MTO in the current year. If you don’t see your club, please complete a Club Membership Application and registration fee payment.