• 1.Who we are
  • What are Muay Thai Ontario’s mission and goals?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Muay Thai Ontario’s mission is to develop Muay Thai athletes from the beginner youth to the advanced adult. We will accomplish this with competitions, coaching and officiating seminars as well as athlete development courses throughout the year. It is our mandate to provide Muay Thai athletes a Muay Thai organization with a strong direct lineage and path from Provincial to National to International through our affiliates CMTC-A and IFMA.

  • What does a PSO mean and what is it?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    A PSO means Provincial Sport Organization. This is where the Government of Ontario (Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport) recognizes a particular organization as responsible for development of a sport in the province and provides them funding to assist with their activities.

  • What makes Muay Thai Ontario different from other sports organizations?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    MTO is a sports organization created by the Muay Thai community, for the Muay Thai community.

    MTO is committed not just to sanctioning shows and tournaments, but also to the growth and development of the sport in Ontario and Canada.

    MTO will provide athletes with long term development, coaches with ongoing training applicable across disciplines, and gyms with business support, expertise, and consultation.

  • Why is it necessary that Muay Thai Ontario exist in addition to other organizations?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Muay Thai athletes deserve to compete in a Muay Thai organization that truly understands the competitive and cultural needs of our sport. We want to offer athletes a chance to compete at the highest levels in Muay Thai, not kickboxing. CMTC-A and IFMA allow athletes this option.

  • 2.Membership
  • How do I register as a Coach, Corner, Official or Gym?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Please find our membership forms under the “Membership" section of our website. For members interested in becoming a Coach or Official, attendance to an MTO training seminars is required. Once you have submitted your form, you will be notified of the next seminar relevant to your interests. A full calendar of events is also available on our site.

  • If I fall into more than one category (e.g. athlete + coach, coach + owner) - do I pay the fee twice?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    No, there is only one annual membership fee.

  • Do I have to register as a coach every year?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Yes. A Muay Thai Ontario coaching card is issued on an annual basis. Each year, you must submit your Muay Thai Ontario individual member registration form and fee. As a good practice, we suggest that you request a "vulnerability sector check" for yourself to assist you in securing local school training contracts but we do not require it at this time.

    Discover more about this strategy in one of our club business development strategy seminars. (Check the Education section of our website for the next session)

  • Why would I want to become a member of MTO?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Membership with MTO is required to participate in any MTO sanctioned event, and ensures that you are covered by our insurance policy. Only members have access to our additional services such as athlete development, coaching seminars, insurance referrals and access to business development coaches etc.

  • How often do I have to pay my membership?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Membership with Muay Thai Ontario is annual and lasts until February 28/29th of the competitive year following registration. Early renewal discounts are available to members who wish to renew prior to the end of the year.

    Example 1: A club registers with Muay Thai Ontario on November 1st, 2015. Club membership expires on February 29th, 2016.

    Example 2: A club registers with Muay Thai Ontario on February 1st, 2016. Club membership expires on February 29th, 2017.

  • 3.Competition
  • What is Muay Thai Ontario’s lineage on a National level as well as International level?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    We are fully supported by our National Sport Organization The Canadian Muay Thai Council - Amateur, (CMTC-A) as well as our International Sport Organization the International Federation for Muay Thai Amateurs, (IFMA).

  • How are Muay Thai Ontario’s competitions safer?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Muay Thai Ontario regards safety in all areas of competition VERY highly. All referees receive hours of practice before presiding over a competition. We have fully trained medical staff at every event. In addition, will be researching all athletes and match ups before events to ensure records are being communicated honestly and that all match ups are within appropriate levels of experience. Mismatches are often the cause of many injuries and knockouts in amateur matches.


  • Am I covered under MTO’s insurance policy?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    All MTO members are covered under our insurance policy while participating in MTO sanctioned events. This means that Officials working the event, Athletes competing in the event, and coaches/corners registered at the event are covered. Should you decide to host a sanctioned event with us, our insurance covers your event and its operations. We provide club members sanctioning an event with a certificate for proof of adequate insurance.

    As a club, MTO’s insurance does not extend to cover your gym’s operations, however a referral discount through MTO’s insurance provider is available and encouraged.

  • Can I host a show through Muay Thai Ontario?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Absolutely. Hosting a show is open to any club or promoter in good standing that agrees to our Sanctioning Policy/Guidelines. Please find our Sanctioning Agreement in the “Forms” section of our website.

  • 4.Continuing Education
  • I’ve been competing for many years; do I still need to take the coaching course?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Yes. The Muay Thai Ontario coaching course is a mandatory government/insurance/association requirement.

  • I’m a certified coach in another sport/discipline; do I still need to take the coaching course?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    Yes. The Muay Thai Ontario coaching course is a mandatory government/insurance/association requirement because it is specific to our organization.

  • What does the coaching course teach?
    Kru Yai Brian Edwards10-03-2015

    The course covers the legal, medical and association framework of Muay Thai Ontario coaching. The course does not teach how to coach the sport itself. To learn how to coach the sport itself or improve your existing coaching skills, attend a Level II or Level III Muay Thai Ontario coaching course or contact the office for information about other coaching improvement opportunities.

  • Upcoming Events

    Sat 24

    Muaythai at the Museum: Art of War

    February 24 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
    Canadian War Museum
    Ottawa ON
    Mar 03

    Winter Warriors

    March 3 @ 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
    Peterborough Memorial Centre
    Peterborough ON
    Organizer: Kawartha Combat
    Mar 10

    SHEfights II: #PressForProgress

    March 10 @ 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
    Estonian House
    Toronto ON
    Mar 10

    N.W.O. Thaiboxing

    March 10 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
    Golden Eagle Bingo Hall
    Kenora ON
    Organizer: Nak Muay Gym Winnipeg
    Apr 07

    Northern Fights 5

    April 7 @ 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm EDT
    Steel Workers Hall
    Sudbury ON
    Organizer: Sudbury Multicultural Martial Arts

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