Background Screening for Coaches, Officials, & Volunteers

IMPORTANT:  If coaches, officials, or volunteers intend on participating at the Provincial Championships, all Vulnerable Sector Verification and Enhanced Police Information Checks MUST be completed prior to Provincial Championships by July 18th, 2018.

After Provincials, all coaches, officials, or volunteers will require a Vulnerable Sector Verification or Enhanced Police Information Check on file before they participate at an event. Coaches, officials, and volunteers cannot participate in a Muaythai event without the appropriate checks on file.

Muaythai Ontario is committed to a safe sporting environment to protect all participants in Muaythai programming, activities, and events. The new Screening Policy, effective immediately, will require an annual Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC) through our new Screening Partner, Sterling Talent Solutions. Those over a certain age will require a Vulnerable Sector Check before getting the E-PIC.

Seconds (Coaches & Corners) and Officials should note the new changes to the Membership Process. To get started, follow our questionnaire below.

The submission of both the E-PIC and Vulnerable Sector Verification is subject to the same data processing guidelines as all other membership information. The completed checks must be submitted at latest 48 hours prior to an event; if a Check is submitted within 2 – 5 business days prior to an event, a rush fee will be required in order to process the information on time. It’s important to note that if there is an item of concern on a VSV or E-PIC it could take Muaythai Ontario’s Screening Committee up to 14 days to review.

The new Screening Policy is mandatory for all Seconds (Coaches and Corners) and Officials participating at Muaythai Ontario events and programs. Those without a valid Check on file will be unable to participate in programs, activities, or events sanctioned by Muaythai Ontario.

Muaythai Ontario will additionally be requiring E-PIC and Vulnerable Sector Verification from:

  • MTO Board members;
  • MTO Staff members;
  • MTO Volunteers;
  • All individuals involved with the delivery of sporting programs including camps, clinics, seminars, etc; and
  • Any other person in a role that constitutes a position of trust or authority.

Common Questions About Screening

Why does my birthday matter?

Please see this link to learn more about why a Vulnerable Sector Verification is necessary for those above a certain age.

How does the screening process work?

The Screening Policy details all information about the screening process.

What is E-PIC and Sterling Talent Solutions?

Sterling Talent Solutions is Muaythai Canada and Muaythai Ontario’s new background Screening Partner. Sterling allows MTO’s members to easily submit online background checks for a low fee of $25 + tax. Sterling’s E-PIC check is an Enhanced Criminal Check which searches both the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records (CRC), and Local Police Information (LPI) within multiple databanks. For more information about the E-PIC click here.

What is a Vulnerable Sector Verification Check?

Also known as ‘Vulnerable Sector Check’ or ‘Police Vulnerable Sector Check’. A vulnerable sector verification is an enhanced criminal background check often required from people in positions of authority that work with children and vulnerable persons. This includes teachers, medical professionals, or sport organization members. For more information about this check, click here.

Download your Vulnerable Sector Request letter