A facility looking to reopen must be a member club of a provincial sport organization (such as Muaythai Ontario) recognized by the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. According to Ontario Regulation 82/20 (as of June 16th, 2020), the only persons permitted to use the facility are athletes who are members of an organization.

This would mean that for a member club, all athletes, even those not competing in sanctioned Muaythai Ontario events, must also be registered as members of Muaythai Ontario to use the member club facility.

Previously, Muaythai Ontario membership was focused on competitions and only those who entered Muaythai Ontario sanctioned competition needed to register with Muaythai Ontario. Any other students in the member club training Muaythai on a recreational level were not required to become members.

To allow member clubs to reopen, Muaythai Ontario has fast-forwarded the implementation of Recreational Memberships to follow the regulation stipulation that “the only persons permitted to use the facility are athletes who are members of an organization”.

If you are or were previously a member club of Muaythai Ontario, you have been emailed the Safe Reopening Guidelines. If you did not get them, please check your junk inbox, or contact us for the guidelines.

If you are looking to become a member of Muaythai Ontario, please contact us for the guidelines and register as member club for 2020.

If you’re a student practicing Muaythai in a member club’s facility, click here to register for your recreational membership.