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    • 2018 Annual Community Meeting

      January 27, 2018

        On January 14th at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, Muaythai Ontario hosted its 3rd Annual Community Meeting. With over 80 community members attending in person and on the phone, the meeting reflected on 2017’s successes & challenges, discussing key issues, changes and policies for the 2018 year (such as unsanctioned demonstrations, coaching requirements)...   Read More

    • History Made at Bloor Street Fitness & Boxing

      October 16, 2017

      All photos by Mathieu Sly The sport of Muaythai that we know and love today came to be through the the combination of the formalized ancient styles of muay (Muay Boran) and British Boxing- traditional rope wraps gave way to boxing gloves, matches began to take place in international regulation boxing rings, and timed rounds...   Read More

    • How Sport Recognition Affects Demos: New MTO Exhibition Ruleset

      July 30, 2017

      In keeping with our piece written on how sport recognition affects demos, Muaythai Ontario has established a ruleset to sanction exhibition contests legally under Section 83 of the Criminal Code by adhering to the Ontario Sport Recognition Policy. The full Exhibition Rules can be found on our documents page by following this link. The Exhibition...   Read More

    • How Sport Recognition Affects Demos

      July 4, 2017

      July 1st has come and gone, Canada is now 150 years old, and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, & Sport (MTCS) has brought its Sport Recognition Policy in to full effect. Amateur muaythai sanctioned under Muaythai Ontario is now legal, however based on the Sport Recognition Policy, this has some additional consequences: all unsanctioned competition,...   Read More

    • 2017 Provincial Championship Pictures Now in Store

      July 4, 2017

      It has been a little over 3 weeks since the Provincial Championship concluded, where history was made as the first Provincial Sport Organization sanctioned muaythai tournament in Ontario. Now, nearly 500 photos from the event are available at the Muaythai Ontario online store, where you can pick up some of the moments captured by our...   Read More

    • Anti-Doping in Amateur Muaythai

      June 16, 2017

        One of the core values that drives Muaythai Ontario is Innovation; we strive to be at the forefront of combative sport policy, operations, and development. It has been one week since the 2017 Provincial Championships and – having reflected on the success of the tournament – now comes the time to consider what improvements...   Read More

    • 2017 Muaythai Ontario Provincial Championships: Ontario’s Finest Battle in the Stables

      June 16, 2017

      By Ryan McKinnon On Saturday June 10, schools from all over the province made the trip to Rexdale, Ontario to take part in 60 amateur bouts at the 2017 Muaythai Ontario Provincial Championships. As many as 100 athletes from various weight classes, age categories and skill levels competed in the event that started at 8...   Read More

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  • Sat 24

    Muaythai at the Museum: Art of War

    February 24 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
    Canadian War Museum
    Ottawa ON
    Mar 03

    Winter Warriors

    March 3 @ 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
    Peterborough Memorial Centre
    Peterborough ON
    Organizer: Kawartha Combat
    Mar 10

    SHEfights II: #PressForProgress

    March 10 @ 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
    Estonian House
    Toronto ON
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