One Membership. Three Opportunities.

Athlete, Coach, or Official? Only one annual membership is required. Select one or more roles that you will take on this year.

Keep in mind each role has its own set of requirements needed for membership validation and your Club must listed on the Club Directory with MTO before you will be able to register individually.


  • Athletes are the heart of Muaythai Ontario. Compete in light contact and full contact exhibitions, to judged matches in local, provincial, and national events.


  • Seconds (Coach/Corner) support the athlete before, during, and after competition. At least one (1) Second must be with their athlete during competition, max two (2). Seconds have an understanding of Muaythai Ontario’s Rules, Regulations, safety standards, and protocols.


  • Officials are the judges, referees, timekeepers, and jury of an MTO event. They receive honorarium for each event they work. Officials must attend training and they know the rules, regulations and techniques used in amateur Muaythai.

Membership Duration

Annual Muaythai Ontario Memberships are based on the calendar year. Active memberships end on December 31st of the year of registration. This is true no matter when a member has registered.

Membership Refunds

There are no refunds for processed yearly memberships.

What You Need to Complete Membership Application

  1. An affiliation with a currently registered Muaythai Ontario Club;
  2. The member’s contact information;
  3. Payment via PayPal.

For Athletes

  • The email of the coach responsible for the athlete; and
  • A list of the athlete’s competitive history.

Membership Requirements

All membership requirements should be completed and sent in by Event Submission Deadlines.

For Athletes

  • Previous competitive history;
  • The athlete’s completed and stamped Annual Medical Declaration – VALID FOR 12 MONTHS; and
  • The athlete’s lab test results for HIV antibody & HBV (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen) & HCV (Hepatitis C Antibody) – VALID FOR 12 MONTHS

For Coaches and Officials:

  • Background screening results. Depending on factors, either need Vulnerable Sector Verification (VSV) OR Sterling Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC).
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