Muaythai Ontario (MTO) is an amateur sport organization whose goal is to provide Ontario athletes with development, education, competition, and support in the sport of Muaythai. Our association and affiliation to Muaythai Canada (MTC) and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) provide a lineage of well regulated competitions so our athletes not only compete close to home but have a legitimate pathway to represent Ontario and Canada as we compete nationally and internationally.

MTO focuses on the development of proper technique and teachings of Muaythai and is committed to providing safe, regulated competitions for Ontario athletes that are framed in a lineage and history of the sport. Equally as important, MTO provides philosophical and martial art teachings of the sport that are embedded in the culture and traditions from which the sport originates, Thailand. Committed to upholding the highest ethical standards for all of its members in each of their respective roles, MTO strives for fairness, equity, and transparency in policy, procedures and process. These principles frame the organization’s practices and guide the membership community.

Our Vision

Muaythai Ontario aims to establish Ontario as a world class source for athletic, coaching, and officiating talent for the sport of amateur Muaythai.

Our Mission

Muaythai Ontario will achieve its vision through the safe development of the sport and culture of amateur Muaythai in Ontario with programs that provide the highest quality educational, competitive, and financial support for the athletes, coaches, officials, and recreational members of the community.

Core Values

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