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Athletes are at the core of Muaythai Ontario; every coach, corner, and official starts out as an athlete, competitive or not. By investing in our athletes we are not only providing a safe environment for personal and competitive development, but also investing in the future generation of leaders in our sport.

Athlete’s Guide to Preparing for Competition

Prior to Competition

The Rules & Regulations of Muaythai Ontario govern all aspects of competition. This includes divisions of competition, equipment requirements, scoring, legal weapons, fouls, and more. It is required that all members be familiar with the rules.

Rules & Regulations.pdf document

The Muaythai Ontario Medical Handbook covers medical conditions that prevent an athlete from competing in the ring, the duties and requirements of the competition doctor, prohibited substances and practices before/during/after competition, and more. It is required that all members be familiar with the medical requirements.

Medical Handbook.pdf document

The Annual Medical Declaration is a form that is printed and taken to a licensed physician who will perform an examination and sign off that you are fit for competition. Depending on the physician that you see you may be charged a documentation fee, however it should be no more than $35. The Annual Medical Declaration remains on file for 12 months following the date it was signed off on.

Should you be unable to find a physician willing to complete your annual medical (or the only available physician is severely overcharging) you may be able to complete your annual medical declaration at an event, however this is not guaranteed. Each event doctor is unique, and not all event doctors are willing to sign off on Annual Medicals. If you are having difficulty completing your Annual Medical in advance, contact Muaythai Ontario as soon as possible.

If we are able to arrange for your medical to be completed at the event, a $35 fee will apply to compensate the doctor for the additional time required and duties performed.

Annual Medical Declaration.pdf document

Your Muaythai Ontario membership is your ticket to all the competitive activities that you wish to pursue in the sport of Muaythai. Should you wish to expand into corning, coaching, or officiating, the same membership covers you for everything.

Membership is renewed annually and costs $50.

Active Individual MembershipElectronic form

The Athlete Upgrade form is for those individuals who which to move to a higher Age Category or Experience Class. These athletes are at the top of their competitive division and looking to pursue more challenging competition that is a better match for their abilities.

Athlete Division Upgrade FormElectronic form

Professional athletes who wish to return to amateur competition are able to do so in A and Open classes of competition. The Request for Amateur Reclassification is for athletes who have participated in low level professional competition that wish to enter B Class under Muaythai Ontario. To be eligible, the athlete must still fall within the experience requirements (4-9 contests) and may be required to provide supporting evidence of their professional experience.

Each form is reviewed by a technical committee with oversight from the Board of Directors.

Request For Amateur ReclassificationElectronic form

Competition Day

You and your coach should arrive at the competition venue a minimum 30 minutes prior to the weigh ins to allow time for registration and check in. An hour prior to weigh-ins is preferable.

Proceed to the Muaythai Ontario registration desk in order to receive your competition accreditation and pre-competition medical form.

Proceed to the doctor where you will receive your pre-competition medical examination. After having been cleared for competition by the event physician, you will be able to make your official weigh-in. Be sure to bring your doctor-completed medical form with you to the scales.

This is where all your dieting and hard work pays off. Weigh-ins must be completed wearing Thai shorts, and for non-title, non-tournament competition a .25 kg allowance is provided to athletes. Once you have made weight you are cleared for competition. Enjoy eating and drinking before competition, but don’t fill up too much.

Don’t wander too far after weighing in; the pre-competition rules meeting takes place about an hour prior to the first bell. This meeting is mandatory for all athletes and seconds (coaches and corners).

Give your best performance in the ring, and remember to follow all the rules and obey the ref at all times. Safety is paramount.

Following the contest, make sure that you are examined by the doctor as you exit the ring.

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