Board of Directors

Muaythai Ontario has a functional Board of Directors, and is entirely volunteer based. Responsible for both the operations and the governance of the organization, the Board collaborates with subject matter experts in order to accomplish the goals of the organization.

Kru Dylan Benitez
Kru Dylan BenitezBoard President
Kru Alin Hălmăgean
Kru Alin HălmăgeanHonorary President
Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai
Ajahn Suchart YodkerepaupraiDirector of Sport and Heritage
Kru Laura Vuculescu
Kru Laura VuculescuVice-President of Judges, Referees & Rule Sets
Kru Chris Greig
Kru Chris GreigVice-President of Athletic Developement
Kru Matthew Jao
Kru Matthew JaoVice-President of Operations
Kru Clifton Brown
Kru Clifton BrownVice-President of Business Development
Sam Skinner
Sam SkinnerVice-President of Administration
Kru Lanny Chan
Kru Lanny ChanVice - President of Communications
Kru Yuki Yamanaka
Kru Yuki YamanakaGeneral Secretary