Muaythai Ontario Provincial Title Holders

Muaythai Ontario Provincial Title Holders2018-08-26T18:55:48+00:00

Provincial Title Champions are exceptional athletes who have climbed the ranks over time. The requirements to qualify for a provincial title are high: the top 5 athletes in each A Class or Open Class weight division are able to contend for a MTO Provincial Title, and must defend it at least once every 14 months. The full breakdown of how athletes improve their ranking can be found in the Rules & Regulations.

Athlete Division Date Won Expiry Ended Ended By
Candice Mitchell
Elite A 57 kg 12-Mar-2016 7-May-2016 7-May-2016 Voluntary
Taylor McClatchie
Elite A 57 kg 7-May-2016 7-Jul-2017 7-Jul-2017 Expiry
Justin Holden
TKO Fighting Arts
Elite O 81 kg 7-May-2016 7-Jul-2017 7-Jul-2017 Expiry
Andy Tran
Southside Muaythai
Elite A 67 kg 17-Dec-2016 17-Feb-2018 17-Feb-2018 Expiry
Vince Veys-German
N-1 Thaiboxing
Elite O 86 kg 25-Feb-2017 25-Apr-2018 2-Jun-2017 Defended
Vince Veys-German
N-1 Thaiboxing
Elite O 86 kg 2-Jun-2017 2-Aug-2018 2-Aug-2018 Expiry
Daniel Sopa
TKO Fighting Arts
Elite A 60 kg 2-Dec-2017 2-Feb-2019
Zachary Baldwin
Loyalist Martial Arts Academy
Elite O 60 kg 25-Aug-2018 25-Oct-2019