On June 3rd 2023, the Muaythai Ontario Board of Directors met to hold a formal vote on plans that had been months in the making. During this meeting, Kru Yai Alin Hălmăgean stepped down from his position as President of the Board of Directors, and was voted into a new role as Honorary President. At Kru Yai Alin’s and Ajahn Suchart’s proposal, Kru Yai Dylan Benitez was voted in as the new MTO President. 

We hope the MTO community will join the Board in thanking Kru Yai Alin for his years of hard work and dedication to both MTO as an organization and to the Muay Thai community as a whole. Although he is no longer MTO President, his new position as Honorary President ensures that he will continue to be available to help guide the organization. We wish Kru Yai Alin all the best as he continues to develop Canadian Muay Thai in other areas. 

Similarly, we hope the MTO community will share in congratulating Kru Yai Dylan as the new MTO President. When the new MTO Board organized in 2021, Kru Yai Dylan joined Kru Yai Alin, Ajahn Suchart, and other Board members in rebuilding MTO after pandemic closures eased. In the past three years, Kru Yai Dylan has served as a Board Member and attended almost every MTO event. The Board of Directors trusts Kru Yai Dylan will carry on the excellent work of the MTO Presidents who came before him and continue to grow the Muay Thai community in Ontario.

Please see two brief messages from the MTO President and MTO Honorary President below:


Kru Yai Dylan Benitez

I look forward to serving as your new Muaythai Ontario President. In 2021, the Board of Directors, including myself and boldly led by Kru Alin, faced the challenge of rebuilding, which at the time required us to fix the internal elements of the organization. Although there is still work to be done, as President, I hope to shift the focus back to the community. 

My primary focuses for the next two years include: (1) growing the Muaythai community, (2) developing the sport in Ontario, and (3) keeping Muaythai safe for all participating athletes. Muaythai Ontario will continue sanctioning high-level shows that embody Thai culture & heritage, integrity of the sport, and showcase the talent and skill of Ontario athletes. 

Muaythai Ontario’s core values are Transparency, Safety, Integrity, Respect, Development, and Innovation. In the spirit of these values, I encourage the community to reach out to me directly to ask questions or provide feedback. Muaythai Ontario exists for the community, and I look forward to leading MTO through current and future programs.


Kru Yai Alin Hălmăgean 

It has been my extreme honour to serve as Muaythai Ontario President from 2021-2023. After the previous Board of Directors absconded, the new Board worked diligently to rebuild the organization and restart the sport. Thanks to the strong community of coaches, athletes, and officials, the sport of Muaythai in Ontario is stronger than ever with no ending in sight.

As I transfer my focus to growing the sport of Muaythai in other ways, I call upon Kru Dylan to take my place as Muaythai Ontario President. I have complete trust in him and the Board of Directors to continue the path and further push Ontario athletes, coaches, and officials to excellence. I am happy to remain on the Board as Honourary President; proud to support the Board as needed.

To the community, I give my sincerest gratitude. Everything Muaythai Ontario does is to support and grow the community.