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In keeping with our piece written on how sport recognition affects demos, Muaythai Ontario has established a ruleset to sanction exhibition contests legally under Section 83 of the Criminal Code by adhering to the Ontario Sport Recognition Policy. The full Exhibition Rules can be found on our documents page by following this link. The Exhibition Rules are a supplement to the rules for judged Provincial Competition, and will often refer to the main document.

What follows is a summary of the Exhibition Rules as of July 30th, 2017. Please keep in mind that the Exhibition Rules may be updated in the future and would override any discrepancies listed here.

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Exhibition events will be staffed by 2 Officials (Preliminary referee, Level 1 Referee), who will conduct weigh-ins and review the competition matches.

Maximum # of Contests / Duration

15 contests / 4 hours

Event Insurance

The Event Host must carry a minimum of $2,000,000 in insurance, including commercial general liability insurance on an occurrence basis for third party bodily injury, personal injury and property and meets current industry standards for the sport.

Membership With MTO

All athletes and coaches participating in sanctioned competition must be currently registered members of MTO in good standing. Competitive membership costs $50 for 2017, and enables participation in all Muaythai Ontario sanctioned events.

Clubs may compete in Exhibition Events as trial members for 2017. As of 2018 all clubs will be required to be fully paid members

Both individual and club membership forms must be completed online at least 24 hours prior to the event.

Ring Specifications

Rings must be 13′ to 20′ inside the line of the ropes, and elevated from the floor no higher than 3′ 11″.

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Round Times

Age Category Round Times
Age 14-55 3 rounds x 2 minutes
1-minute rest
Age 12-13 3 rounds x 1.5 minutes
1-minute rest
Age 6-11 3 rounds x 1 minutes
1-minute rest

Age and Age Spreads

Level of Contact Minimum Age Maximum Age
Full 8 55
Light 6 55

Athletes ages 15 and under must be within 4 years of age of their opponent.

Competition Weights

The maximum spread is determined by the weight of the lightest athlete in a contest. For example if one athlete weighs under 45 kg and one athlete weighs over 45 kg, then a 3 kg spread must be used.

Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Maximum Spread (kg) Maximum Spread (lbs)
Under 45 kg 0 to 99.2 lbs 3 kg 6.6 lbs
45 to 68 kg 99.2 to 149.9 lbs 4 kg 8.8 lbs
68 to 91 kg 149.9 to 200.6 lbs 5 kg 11.0 lbs
Over 91 kg Over 200.6 lbs None None

Competition Equipment

Leather head guards and shin guards are to be worn by all competitors. The minimum weight of an athlete’s gloves is determined by the heaviest of the two athletes in a contest, where as the maximum weight of the glove is 16 oz.

Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Minimum Glove Weight
Under 45 kg 0 to 99.2 lbs 12 oz
45 to 68 kg 99.2 to 149.9 lbs 14 oz
68 to 91 kg 149.9 to 200.6 lbs 16 oz
Over 91 kg Over 200.6 lbs 16 oz

Body Protector

Age Category A Class B Class C Class
Age 18-55 No Body Protector No Body Protector No Body Protector
Age 14-17 No body protector No Body Protector Body protector
Age 6-13 N/A Body protector Body protector

Exhibition Muaythai Techniques

Full Contact
  • Full Contact strikes to the body
  • Full Contact strikes to the neck and head for ages 12+
  • No elbow strikes
  • No knee strikes to the head
Light Contact
  • Light Contact strikes to the body
  • No strikes to the head
  • No elbow strikes
  • No knee strikes to the head

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Attendance of Medical Personnel

A physician must be present for any events in which there are Full Contact strikes to the body or any strikes to the head. Muaythai Ontario will require the event doctor’s information prior to competition.

Annual Medical

Athletes must have a completed annual medical for any events in which there are Full Contact strikes to the body or any strikes to the head. These medicals cannot be completed at competition, and must be submitted to Muaythai Ontario by email at least 24 hours before the event.

Competition Day Medical

Athletes must complete a competition day medical immediately before weighing in for any events in which there are Full Contact strikes to the body or any strikes to the head.

Timing of Weigh Ins

Weigh ins are to be conducted 3 hours prior to first bell, and must conclude 1 hour prior to first bell. Athletes who fail to make weight by more than 2% will not be permitted any additional attempts to weigh in.



Muaythai Ontario would like to thank the Toronto Kickboxing & Muaythai Academy for setting a great example for the community in their hosting of the first ever MTO sanctioned Exhibition event this past Saturday, July 29th. We know that it is never easy being the first to adopt new standards, and TKMT put in an excellent effort to become familiar with and meet the new requirements set out by the Ministry. We’ve received good feedback about the event and look forward to many more.

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