Big changes enroute for managing your membership with Muaythai Ontario!

As of March 1, 2018, we will be rolling out our new MTO Online Passport, which serve as your proof of membership with MTO. It will enable you to monitor your registration status and perform quick check-ins at our accreditation desk at sanctioned events with your mobile or tablet devices.

Along with this MTO Online Passport comes the ability to manage your own MTO online profile. Athletes, Coaches, Corners, and Officials will be able to log in with their profile to manage their athlete records, medical information, or vulnerable sector checks. Edit: Due to technical delays, the ability to log in to your account will be released later in the year.

Your public facing page on will act as your Online Passport.

Example public athlete page – new MTO Online Passport

Keeping accurate records to ensure fair match ups is important for all competition. Athletes will be required to keep their competitive records up-to-date for all combat sports competition that occurs outside of MTO sanctioned events. This includes competition in MMA, kickboxing, boxing, muaythai competition outside of Canada, etc. If any athlete maintains an inaccurate record and registers for competition under Muaythai Ontario, they may be subject to disciplinary measures under MTO’s Code of Conduct.

A major benefit of this system will be a directory of all members that will improve an athlete’s exposure for competition matchmaking.

With the new changes in your membership management, please keep in mind these important updates to our data processing procedures and timelines:

  • MTO will no longer take any paper forms (medical forms or vulnerable sector checks) submitted at MTO sanctioned events.
    • All athlete medical declaration forms and bloodwork should be submitted online at least 7 days prior to an event in which they intend to participate in; and
    • Vulnerable sector checks from Seconds (Coaches or Corners) must be submitted online to MTO.
  • No day-of registrations are accepted at MTO sanctioned events.
    • All Clubs, Athletes, Seconds, and Officials should be registered at least 7 days prior to an event in which they intend to participate in.
  • $25 Rush Fee is available 2-6 days prior to an event.
    • For example, if the event is on a Saturday, applications can be submitted with a rush fee up until the end-of-day Thursday.
  • 48 hour cut-offs for submissions and registrations.
    • Submissions and registrations are not accepted within 48 hours of an event. For example, if the event is on a Saturday, any registrations or medical submissions on Friday or Saturday will not be processed in time for competition.

Membership information submitted to Muaythai Ontario takes 7 days to process, review, and verify. Additionally, this allows enough time to communicate any errors in an application prior to an event.

We look forward to the unveiling of MTO’s new Online Passport system, and the benefits that it will bring to Muaythai Ontario’s members. As always, if there are any questions about our new member management system, please contact us.

Khop khun khap,
Muaythai Ontario