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Owner: Douglas Ptolemy

Web: http://www.revelationmaf.com
Email: revelationmaf@gmail.com
Phone: (613) 213-2379

Owner: Ryan James
Head Coach: Ryan James

Web: http://www.richmondhillmuaythai.com
Email: info@richmondhillmuaythai.com
Phone: (905) 237-9655

Owner: Suchart Yodkerepauprai
Head Coach: Suchart Yodkerepauprai

Web: https://www.siamno1.com/
Email: info@siamno1.com
Phone: (416) 781-3775

Owner: Karlo Panugao
Head Coach: Karlo Panugao

Email: sitboon6gym@gmail.com
Phone: (416) 904-5158

Owner: Michael Fitzpatrick
Head Coach: Michael Fitzpatrick

Web: http://www.spartanstrikingacademy.com
Email: spartanstrikingacademy@gmail.com
Phone: (647) 785-8547

Owner: Justin Dela Cruz
Head Coach: Justin Dela Cruz

Web: http://www.soulmartialarts.ca
Email: info@soulmartialarts.ca
Phone: (905) 472-7772

Owner: Michael Perez
Head Coach: Michael Perez

Web: http://www.southsidemuaythai.ca
Email: southsidemuaythaicanada@gmail.com
Phone: (416) 388-6957

Owner: Lanny Lanny
Head Coach: Lanny Lanny

Web: http://www.stridemuaythai.com
Email: lanny@stridemuaythai.com
Phone: (416) 902-7491

Owner: Fred Stonehouse
Head Coach: Fred Stonehouse

Web: http://www.surgemma.com
Email: thesurgemma@gmail.com
Phone: (613) 896-2310

Owner: Paul Tudlong
Head Coach: Paul Tudlong

Web: https://www.sbgscarborough.com/
Email: jericho.cabuntocan@gmail.com
Phone: (647) 332-0762

Owner: Simon Marcus
Head Coach: Simon Marcus

Web: https://www.theonemuaythai.com/
Email: theonemuaythaiandfitness@gmail.com
Phone: (647) 350-8431

Owner: Chris Greig
Head Coach: Chris Greig

Web: http://www.tkofa.com
Email: tkofightingarts95@gmail.com
Phone: (519) 514-0155

Web: http://tkmt.ca
Email: hello@tkmt.ca
Phone: (416) 998-3674

Owner: Justin Oracion

Web: http://www.triumphmuaythai.com
Email: triumphmuaythai@gmail.com
Phone: (416) 751-2244

Owner: Lou Giuliani

Web: https://twindragoneast.com/
Email: lou@twindragoneast.com
Phone: (416) 691-5600

Owner: Karan Notay
Head Coach: Karan Notay

Web: https://ultimatemartialarts.ca
Email: info@teamultimate.ca
Phone: (905) 565-7326

Owner: Lawrence Chan
Head Coach: Lawrence Chan

Web: https://www.universalselfdefense.ca/
Email: info@universalselfprotection.org
Phone: (647) 704-8811

Owner: Benson Virtucio
Head Coach: Benson Virtucio

Web: http://www.vrtu.ca
Email: hello@vrtu.ca
Phone: (416) 482-2222

Owner: James Mahony
Head Coach: James Mahony

Web: http://www.westsidemuaythai.ca/
Email: siamottawa@gmail.com
Phone: (343) 202-4031

Web: http://www.xtremecouture.ca
Email: info@xtremecouture.ca
Phone: (416) 503-1600

Owner: Jenypher Lanthier

Web: http://www.yorkmuaythai.com
Email: info@yorkmuaythai.com
Phone: (416) 739-8424

Owner: David Dash
Head Coach: David Dash

Web: https://www.zenmma.ca
Email: david@zenmma.ca
Phone: (613) 723-2800

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