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Owner: Maulik Chaudhari
Head Coach: Maulik Chaudhari

Web: http://www.kalarikickboxing.net
Email: info@kalarikickboxing.net
Phone: (647) 864-5130

Owner: Brendan Kalijundic
Head Coach: Alexandria Hayes

Web: https://www.kalsamrit.com/
Email: kalsamritmartialarts@gmail.com
Phone: (905) 439-5254

Owner: Billy Strumenikovski

Web: http://legendsmma.net/
Email: legendsmmabrampton@hotmail.com
Phone: (647) 999-0022

Owner: Ben Kalikoff
Head Coach: Ben Kalikoff

Web: http://www.londonmuaythai.ca/
Email: londonmuaythai519@gmail.com
Phone: (519) 694-5280

Owner: Hyedie Hashimoto

Web: http://lotusfitness.ca/
Email: info@lotusfitness.ca
Phone: (437) 747-6701

Owner: Tim Keller
Head Coach: Jay Davies

Web: http://www.loyalistmartialarts.ca/
Email: info@loyalistmartialarts.ca
Phone: (613) 779-6609

Owner: Alessandro Ricci
Head Coach: Alessandro Ricci

Web: http://www.teamm1.com
Email: info@teamm1.com
Phone: (905) 856-6902

Owner: Christopher Williams
Head Coach: Christopher Williams

Web: http://www.markhammartialarts.ca
Email: info@markhammartialarts.ca
Phone: (437) 580-7868

Owner: Chris Kew

Web: http://www.masthaiboxing.ca
Email: masthaiboxing@gmail.com
Phone: (519) 621-2815

Owner: Rommel Oliveros
Head Coach: Rommel Oliveros

Web: http://www.miltonmuaythai.ca
Email: rommel@miltonmuaythai.ca
Phone: (905) 699-9449

Owner: Peter Montrait
Head Coach: Peter Montrait

Web: http://montraitmuaythai.com/
Email: peter@montraitmuaythai.com
Phone: (647) 889-5831

Owner: Naaron Fijalkowski
Head Coach: Naaron Fijalkowski

Web: http://n1thai.com
Email: info@n1thai.com
Phone: (613) 233-6981


Web: https://nakamuaythai.ca/
Email: amnat1000@hotmail.com
Phone: (416) 672-0204

Owner: David Crawley
Head Coach: David Crawley

Web: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Private-Members-Club/New-Energy-Muay-Thai-and-Pointblank-Self-Defense-222828728230986/
Email: trmalynyk@gmail.com
Phone: (416) 985-5447

Owner: Jeffery Harrison
Head Coach: Jeffery Harrison

Web: http://www.neweracombatsports.com
Email: jeff@neweracombat.com
Phone: (613) 224-2020

Owner: Matt DiMarcantonio
Head Coach: Daryl Ireland

Web: https://niagaratopteam.com/
Email: info@evolvemma.ca
Phone: (289) 823-1264

Owner: Maria Bastasin
Head Coach: Maria Bastasin

Web: http://www.northtrainingacademy.com
Email: mbastasin13@gmail.com
Phone: (416) 578-9110

Owner: James Hines
Head Coach: James Hines

Web: http://www.oldschoolmuaythai.com
Email: admin@oldschoolmuaythai.com

Owner: Matthew Hache

Web: https://oama.ca/
Email: matt@oama.ca

Owner: Sacha Leonard-Hijazi
Head Coach: Sacha Leonard-Hijazi

Web: http://www.ottawafightfitness.com
Email: info@ottawafightandfitness.com
Phone: (613) 617-2826

Head Coach: KHAN PHADY

Web: http://phadysmuaythai.blogspot.com/p/classesfee.html
Email: phadysmuaythai@gmail.com
Phone: (519) 584-5426

Owner: Steve Hyatt
Head Coach: Steve Hyatt

Web: http://www.pointblank.ca
Email: steve@pointblank.ca
Phone: (416) 903-2789

Head Coach: Saji Geeverghese

Web: http://www.p4pmma.ca
Email: pound4poundmma@yahoo.com
Phone: (905) 492-7477

Owner: Steve Lee
Head Coach: Steve Lee

Web: http://www.redemptionmuaythai.com
Email: redemptionthai@gmail.com
Phone: (905) 922-2549

Owner: Mirza Hopovac
Head Coach: Mirza Hopovac

Web: http://renfrewmuaythai.com
Email: renfrewmuaythai@gmail.com
Phone: (613) 433-9060

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