IFMA LogoMuay Thai Ontario is pleased to invite you to our next Referee and Judge seminar with the goal of certifying referees for future competitions. We will be following the International Federation (IFMA) standard curriculum. We have also ensured that they are covered under the MTO insurance policy for all decisions. Certified and MTO member referees/judges compensation will be detailed in the future.

We will be covering quite a bit using a combination of live demonstrations,video samples, whiteboard and projector curriculum. Some of the highlights will be:

  1. Amateur Muay Thai as it relates to competition in Ontario, Canada and World Competition
  2. Referee and Judge duties
  3. Equipment and attire
  4. Preparing each bout
  5. Round and bout procedures
  6. Interaction with the team of judges and medical staff
  7. Athlete safety
  8. Intermediate referee techniques – Pressing, Insertions, Separating, Obstructing and Protecting
  9. Foul Proceedures
  10. Medical interruptions
  11. Ending competition
  12. Scorecard analysis
  13. Scoring principles as well as Single Competition vs Tournament Judging
  14. Crowd and environment control
  15. Legal consequences and MTO coverage

This is a hands on seminar. We expect you to bring indoor shoes, pens and paper/electronic devices to record your notes and expect to be pushed. Live demonstrations and practice is expected with all participants.

To register, please confirm your attendance on the MTO Facebook Page or email Kru Yai Brian Edwards ( with the following information:

  • Name
  • School
  • Instructor
  • Do you have past experience as an official
  • Do you have past competition experience

Sunday January 25th, 2015
Start: 12pm
End: 5pm
There will be a break for lunch

Past and existing IFMA Certified referee and judges: No certification fee
Non IFMA referee and judge: $85 certification fee

Host School

Training Ground Muay Thai
1203 Fewster Drive Unit C
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1A2
(905) 625 THAI (8424)