Conversations about concussions are important; they are a risk in many recreational activities and need to be part of the discussion when it comes to sport. Ontario recently passed a Concussion Safety Law that requires all sport participants to work together to improve concussion awareness, diagnosis, and prevention.

Michael Tibollo – Minister of Tourism, Culture, & Sport – has requested feedback on the latest regulatory proposals that were driven by Rowan’s Law. Your feedback is important; as athletes, coaches, officials, and parents, the Concussion Safety Law (Rowan’s Law) is there to serve you, and will involve each of you when it comes in to force.

The goal of Rowan’s Law is to increase awareness and minimize the risk of concussions so that we can create a world class amateur sport system in which athletes and Ontarians can participate safely. The Act requires

  • Annual review of Concussion Awareness Resources by athletes, coaches, and parents/guardians before registering or serving with a in a sport organization;
  • Sport organizations to establish Removal-from-Sport and Return-to-Sport protocols, to ensure that an athlete is immediately removed from sport if they are suspected of having sustained a concussion; and
  • A Concussion Code of Conduct that would set out rules of behaviour to minimize concussions while playing sport.

Feedback on the regulation is open until April 18th. To read through the full consultation and provide feedback, please click the button below.

Rowans Law (Concussion Safety) Feedback

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