Since the release of the new MTO Online Passport, the team has been diligently working on the next phases of membership updates to make a more accessible Muaythai Ontario.

A new Club Directory tab on publicly lists all Ontario clubs who have registered and paid for the calendar year. The searchable club listing will feature a club’s contact information and social media. Clubs can make use of the promotional images section to represent their brand or showcase a picture of a class in action!

Once the 2018 calendar year ends, club listings will no longer be searchable on the Club Directory until Muaythai Ontario receives a Club Registration and payment for the 2019 calendar year, and so forth. All trial clubs and out-of-province clubs will not be listed on the Club Directory. A club must be registered with Muaythai Ontario in order for their athletes to participate in competition.

With the completion of these Directories – Athletes, Coaches, Officials, and Clubs – it is now easier for members to check on membership status and medical expiry dates. It is the responsibility of members to periodically check the club profile, or MTO Online Passport prior to competition to ensure all information is accurate and complete. Remember that club/member registrations and submitted medicals are not immediately reflected on the Directory. There is a usual processing time of 5-7 business days, unless a rush fee is purchased during the week of competition.
The next batch of updates are ambitious but will improve the user experience on Updates include: Athlete Rankings, public Athlete competition records, and the Member log-in feature.
A big ‘thank you’ to all members for their patience as we roll-out membership features in pieces. As always, any comments about new membership features are appreciated. Received feedback will help guide us in how to better serve the community.
Check out the Club Directory!