[Update] Thank you to all the applicants, registration for Team Canada is now closed. Look forward to use announcing the athletes selected!

IFMA World CupCMTC-A has officially opened the doors for Muay Thai athletes all over Canada to apply to be part of the National Team. This year, our athletes will be competing at the IFMA Royal World Cup, the first time IFMA has hosted a tournament in their home country since 2009.

In addition to athlete medals there are three team trophies to be awards. His Majesty the King’s trophy, for the best male team; Her Majesty the Queen’s trophy, presented to the best female team; and His Royal Highness the Prince’s trophy to the best junior team. Each team’s ranking will be determined by IFMA Team Standings.

Secondly, this tournament will be the first official qualifier for the 2017 World Games in Wrocław, Poland. See IFMA’s official invitation here.

The deadline for submission is Monday, June 8th.

Who Can Apply

All Ontario applicants must be members of Muaythai Ontario in good standing for their application to be considered.

All divisions are open to amateur athletes, however the Senior Male and Senior Female divisions will also be taking professional athletes as applicants- excluding those that are ranked top 10 in a Thai stadium or hold a World Championship Title with a professional body. Athletes applying to the Senior division are recommended to have 20+ fights and extensive international experience under full Muay Thai rules. B Class Male applicants are recommended to have 10+ fights with some international experience under full Muay Thai Rules.

The Divisions

The following divisions are open for competition:

Senior Male, 17-35 B Class Male, 17-35 Senior Female, 17-35
Junior Male, 16-17 Junior Male, 14-15 Junior Male, 12-13
Junior Female, 16-17 Junior Female, 14-15 Junior Female, 12-13

Weight classes can be found in IFMA’s Rules and Regulations. (Note, Canada is exempt from Rule 25.5 allowing us to send B Class Male athletes ages 17-35)

What It Will Cost

Funding often provides the greatest barrier to participating in IFMA, which is why Muay Thai Ontario will be engaging in community fund-raising for athletes who are selected. The total estimated cost of the trip is from $2700-$3600, broken down as follows:

  • $1100-$1500 CAD for a return flight to Thailand
  • $1000-$2000 CAD for 10 nights hotel stay (food included)
  • $50 USD ($60 CAD) for the official uniform (Shorts, 2 tops, and hand wraps)
  • $50 CAD Team Canada application fee
  • $50 CAD CMTC-A membership fee
  • $40 CAD MTO membership fee

The amount of funding available to Ontario athletes is unknown at this time, so when considering your intent to apply you should be able to fully fund the trip by your own means.

How The Team Is Selected

CMTC-A’s goal is to send the best team possible. Athletes will be asked to move up or down weight categories depending on the mix of applications received. Each application will be reviewed by a committee made up of the CMTC board members. For expertise regarding athletes applying from Ontario, provincial representatives will be consulted.

Please be sure that all details on the forms are accurate and complete in order to make the selection process run as smoothly as possible. Individuals discovered to have applied with falsified information will be disqualified.

Should any additional information be required you will be contacted by CMTC-A.

Documents & Forms


Forms to be submitted

Once again, the deadline for submission is Monday, June 8th. Please contact us with any questions that you may have, and chok dee to all applicants!