Photo: Chris Bacchus Photography

Incredible; from all sides. While tournament results, pictures, and video will be shared in the coming days and weeks, we wanted to thank everyone for bringing together such an amazing event.

At 8:30pm on Saturday November 14th, Muay Thai Ontario’s first annual Provincial Tournament concluded and we couldn’t be more grateful for those involved.

Here’s the breakdown by the numbers:

3 months registration
77 registrants
47 competitors
28 contests
19 tournament champions
1 team trophy
1 giant pair of scissors
12 hours, from beginning to end

The competition from beginning to end exceeded all expectations. This was the smoothest registrations and weigh ins we’ve seen, a great flow of competition, and beautiful Muay Thai. The atmosphere in the tournament was unlike any we’ve experienced before; rather than the usual quiet competition with a few teammates in the crowd, the spectators filled out the seats through 7 hours of competition cheering loud and driving each athlete on to perform at their best.

The tournament wouldn’t have been possible without the athletes, coaches, clubs, officials, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and the spectator support of the community. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication. You are why we do this, and are how Muay Thai will grow bit by bit each year. We are all Muay Thai.

We would love to hear everyone’s feedback on the event. Tell us what was lacking, what could be improved; tell us what you liked so we can be sure to repeat it again next year; tell us why you love Muay Thai and what the event meant to you; we want to hear it all. You can email us your thoughts at, or even submit your feedback anonymously on the contact form.

Congratulations to Muay Thai Ontario’s very first Provincial Tournament champions, and the coaches, teams, and families that helped build them.

Khop khun kha(p)
-Muay Thai Ontario