On Saturday, July 28th, Destiny Fight Productions hosted one of the largest Muay Thai events ever seen in the province of Ontario. The event set the stage with seven A class contests, each of them 3 rounds by 3 minutes. It was great to see the athletes adapt to the increase in duration, and it made for some beautiful display of Muay Thai.

Official Results

# Age Class Weight (lbs)
Red Corner Club Blue Corner Club Win By
1 Adult C 154 Tyler Schwartz Redemption Aidan Thomas AMMA Red UD
2 Adult C 182 Hassan Oseni Siam No. 1 Jesse Nagy Brampton MT Red UD
3 Adult C 157 Cory Tunbridge Redemption Brad Yapsam AMMA Red RSC R3
4 Adult B 160 Emmanuel Andrews Krudar Frank Le Naveaux Daosawan Draw N/A
5 Adult A 130 Yumiko Kawano Krudar Caroline Jankowski 5 Elements Red UD
6 Adult A 137 Aran J. Abujen Southside Aaron Tittle TKO Blue SD
7 Adult A 126 Mandana Rafat Southside Margaret Berg Double Dragon Blue UD
8 Adult A 135 Amenzee Omozuwa Krudar Robin Macmillan TKMT Blue UD
9 Adult A 182 Jordan Turner Evolution Ryan James Brampton MT Blue SD
10 Adult A 165 Patrick Wallace York MT Stephen Oppong Daosawan Blue RSC R2
11 Adult O 165 Mike Doherty Dohjo Justin Holden TKO Red RSC R1
12 Adult A 147 Bruce Ong Southside Derrick Henriques York MT Blue UD