By Savina Cecatini

“An excellent coach is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget”.

One month today and my heart is still as heavy as it was when I found out the devastating news…

Kru Achilles was a very special and significant person in my life and to know that he is no longer here is beyond heartbreaking. My life forever changed the minute I met Kru Achilles. I discovered a love for a martial art that only he made so uniquely special. He believed in me so much and made me feel unstoppable! He elevated my confidence and filled my heart with so much love. Kru Achilles was kind, giving, compassionate, encouraging, loving and passionate.

He showed me the meaning of strength (not only physical but mental), he taught me about discipline, how to value and fuel my body with good food and especially good people. Through him I met the most incredible human beings that I consider my second family.

I will never forget our talks, our street fighting shenanigans after our sparring sessions, his love for music, our spiritual connection and his infectious laugh! I will miss his energy forever…I will never, ever forget him. WE will never forget Kru Achilles and as a family we will keep his spirit and legacy alive.

I can only wish to change as many lives as Kru Achilles has. He is irreplaceable and I am so incredibly grateful that we crossed paths. I will always be a Spartan at heart and continue to train knowing his spirit is among all of us.

There are not enough words to thank him for everything he has done for me. He was my inspiration from day one!

Love you for life, Kru!

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