By Neil Correa

You were the best teacher I ever had. From feeling intimidated when I first entered your Muay Thai class at Karma to sparring, demonstrations and leading classes, you were always there supporting, coaching, and pushing me to be my best. Though I lost some connection to the Muay Thai family, I never forgot your teachings, passion and enthusiasm.  15 years later, and my exercise routine still revolves around everything that you taught me. You were always accepting if my payments were… slightly delayed and always told me to focus on my drills and ‘pay later’. If it wasn’t for your understanding, I would have never had the chance to train under you. I still can’t believe that you’ve left us but know that you’ve moved on to a better training ground. Kru Achilles, your legacy will live on through all of us in our lives, training and teaching. Thank you for everything.

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