A Full Contact Exhibition (FC Exh) match follows nearly the exact same rules as judged competition. There is no restriction on the use of power in a full-contact exhibition. Athletes are still able to go full out, however, regardless of the outcome the match is considered an exhibition. It will still count towards a record, but it will not add a win or loss to the record. For example, “1-2-0; 1 Exh”

The differences are:

  • No elbows to the body are permitted
  • If an athlete bleeds the bout will be stopped regardless of severity
  • 16 oz gloves and leather shin guards are worn in exhibitions (and must be brought by athlete) vs. the usual 10 ounce gloves and cloth shin guards provided by the event host in judged competition

This is not to be mistaken with Light Contact Exhibitions, which do not allow head contact.

To read all about the Exhibition ruleset, go to this link.