A) Expiry Date

Make sure the expiry date is December 31 of the current year you’ve registered in.
Example, if I register at any time in 2019, the expiry date should be Dec 31, 2019. If I register at any point in 2020, the expiry date should be Dec 31, 2020.

B) Background Check

Depending on your date of birth, the background check you get differs. This is explained at this link.

  • Vulnerable Sector Verification must say either “E-PIC Only” or “On File”. If it is blank or says ”not on file”, then passport is not valid
  •  Background Check Expiry should not expire before the event day you’re participating in. Example, if you are cornering at an event on November 2, 2019 but the background check expiry date is September 30, 2019, then it is invalid. Expiry dates are 12 months from when the documents are dated.

C) Concussion Awareness

Disregard this section if you are registering for 2020 as a coach. Previously this field was created to track coaches who registered before the implementation of Rowan’s Law in 2019, and ensure they read Concussion Awareness documents.

This year, all coaches will be able to sign-off on concussion awareness information on their membership application, meaning all coaches will have gone through the same Concussion Awareness documents. This field will be removed from the coach’s passport early 2020 and won’t affect participation at events.