There are different requirements for the type of competition you’re participating in.

MTO Membership for 2024 Annual Medical Declaration Form 3 Lab Tests    (aged 16+)
Light Contact Exhibition
(ex. Canada Youth Movement)
Full Contact Exhibition
(FC Exh)
Judged Competition X X X


A) Expiry Date
Make sure the expiry date is December 31 of the current year you’ve registered in.
Example, if I register at any time in 2022, the expiry date should be Dec 31, 2022. If I register at any point in 2020, the expiry date should be Dec 31, 2020.

B) Medical Expiry Date
This is your Annual Medical Declaration form. The expiry date is 12 months after it was dated by the physician. Only stamped medicals are valid.

Example, an athlete’s medical expiry date is Oct 2, 2024, meaning the physician dated the medical on Oct 2, 2024.

C) Lab Test Expiry Date
This expiry date is bundled from the three required lab tests as stated on the Annual Medical Declaration form. The earliest dated test out of the three is used as reference for the expiry date. Expiry date is 12 months from when it was dated.

 Example: If HIV and Hepatitis B Surface Antigen were completed in June 2024, but Hepatitis C was completed October 2024, the expiry date for these three tests becomes June 2024 as it’s the earliest dated test.

Tests required: HIV Antibody (HIVAb), Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg), Hepatitis C Antibody (HCVAb). The expiry date will only be updated once all three test results are valid.


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