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Open to all participants of any level of knowledge, Muay Thai Ontario is looking to build on its already talented team of judges and referees. Existing officials may attend at no cost in order to refresh their knowledge, however, time constraints will see that new officials will receive priority when it comes to hands on practice.

The seminar will involve a combination of live demonstrations, video samples, whiteboard and projector curriculum. Some of the highlights will be:

  1. Amateur Muaythai as it relates to competition in Ontario, Canada and the World ;
  2. Referee, Judge, Timekeeper, and Chief Official duties;
  3. Equipment and attire;
  4. Preparing each contest;
  5. Round and contest procedures;
  6. Interaction with the team of judges and medical staff;
  7. Athlete safety;
  8. Intermediate referee techniques – Pressing, Inserting, Separating, Obstructing and Protecting;
  9. Foul procedures;
  10. Medical interruptions;
  11. Ending competition;
  12. Scorecard analysis;
  13. Scoring principles as well as Single Competition vs Tournament Judging;
  14. Crowd and environment control; and
  15. Legal consequences and MTO coverage.

This is a hands on seminar. We expect you to bring indoor shoes, pens and paper/electronic devices to record your notes. There will be written and aptitude based testing for all participants, involving live demonstrations.

To register, please mark yourself as attending on our Facebook event, or RSVP to with the following information:

  • Name
  • School
  • Coach
  • Past experience as an official
  • Past competition experience


2016-2017 MTO Officials No fee
2016-2017 MTO Members $100 ($30 shirt, $70 certification fee)
Current IFMA Certified Officials $70 ($30 shirt, $40 membership)
Non-members $140 ($30 shirt, $70 certification fee, $40 membership)