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What is the role of the Jury at Muaythai competition? More than checking math and filling in a results sheet, the Jury plays a key role in managing competition and implementing the rules and technical standards of Olympic-Style Muaythai competition. In the very near future Jury will play a key role in Muaythai across the country, establishing themselves as experts and leaders in the sport.

Open to existing Muaythai Ontario Officials, join Kru Jenypher Lanthier and Poochoi Michael Reid for Muaythai Ontario’s first instructional seminar on the Technical Official role of Jury.

Topics covered will include:

  • Managing a team of Officials
  • Check-ins, weigh-ins, and changes to the bout list
  • Setting up the field of play
  • Scorecards, decisions, and protests
  • After competition, what about all that paper?

And more…

Space is currently limited at MTO’s office, and may need to change location if there is a large enough response.

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