This form is for Canadian Athletes who are members of clubs outside Ontario and would like to participate in Muaythai Ontario sanctioned competition.

Athletes must first register with Muaythai Canada, complete all of the medical requirements, and be listed on the Muaythai Canada Athlete Directory before submitting an application for an Ontario Competition Pass.

When you complete this application, Muaythai Ontario will request your membership information from Muaythai Canada to create a passport with Muaythai Ontario.

The Ontario Competition pass is valid through to December 31st of the current year of purchase, no matter when the date of purchase is.

Example, a pass purchased in August 2020 or November 2020, will still expire December 31st, 2020. 

Please note that if the National Championship is held in Ontario, a Ontario Competition Pass is not required to participate in the National Championship as it is an event sanctioned by Muaythai Canada.