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An annual event, the Youth World Championships are the Olympics of Muaythai, the highest level of competition for amateur youth athletes across the globe. The 2016 IFMA Muaythai Youth World Championship will include all respective weight categories under the following Junior divisions:

  • Junior 10-11
  • Junior 12-13
  • Junior 14-15
  • Junior 16-17

In addition to the Muaythai World Championships, IFMA is also holding both the Muay Boran Youth World Championship allowing 2 youth to perform a 30 second Wai Kru and 1.5 minute Muay Boran demonstration integrating the 8 weapons of Muaythai. Creative costumes are encouraged, especially those of Muay Boran uniforms or traditional warrior outfits. Another category of competition will feature the Muay Aerobic Youth World Championship in which 2-3 performers will integrate the 8 weapons of Muaythai with a pop song, showcasing physical skills, fitness, and creativity for the judges. Both the Muay Boran and Muay Aerobic Youth Championships will be open to 3 divisions: Under 10, 10-12, and 12-14 years of age.

The Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand in cooperation with the Toyral Thai Government will be the host of this important event, which which will also include a conference on “Youth & Sport”.

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