Muay Thai Ontario has partnered up with InFightStyle to run a 30 day fundraiser in support of the Ontario athletes selected for Team Canada. If you’d like to see our fundraising campaign, please visit our IndieGoGo page here. Equipment and apparel sales are available in addition to donation options. Every little bit helps. Alternatively you can mail a cheque to:

Muay Thai Ontario
153-155 Limestone Crescent
Toronto ON, M3J 2R1

Our goal is raise $5,200 for the team ($1,300 per athlete) which is only a portion of the travel expenses. If we’re extremely successful, any additional funding will still be disbursed to the athletes, up to $14,000; funds donated beyond this amount will be set aside for future athlete travel. Should we not reach our goal any received funds will still be distributed equally among the athletes.

All donors will be listed permanently on

$1-15: Donor

$16-50: Bronze Donor

$51-99: Silver Donor

$100-199: Gold Donor

$200-500: Provincial Champion Donor

$500-999: National Champion Donor

$1000+: World Champion Donor