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Athlete Registration

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All athletes must be members of Muay Thai Ontario in order to compete in the tournament. Registration costs are as follows:

$50 – Early Registration – Ends September 30th, 2015
$65 – Standard Registration – Ends November 8th, 2015

In addition, membership costs are as follows:

$40 – 2015 Active Individual Membership
$20 – Athlete Passbook

If an athlete already has a membership/passbook then that fee does not need to be paid a second time.

Registering as an Alternate

If the chosen Competitive Division is full (8 registrants) the athlete may opt to either remain registered as an alternate (maximum 4) in that division, allowing first priority to compete should any space become available.

Weigh Ins

Weigh ins are performed with the athlete wearing Thai shorts, and are completed each morning of competition. It is inadvisable to rely on a significant cut in water weight in order to make weight in a┬ádivision. Instead, register for a weight class that is close to the athlete’s┬átraining weight to avoid missing weight or affecting performance/safety. Voluntary division changes are available at a fee for those who wish to alter the weight at which they are registered.

Division Changes

A division change may be done if an athlete wishes to change their registered division. This may occur because of a change in athlete’s weight, an accrual of experience that alters their experience class, or an athlete wishes to move from a position as an alternative in to a bracket with availability. An athlete may move Weight Classes, Experience Classes, or both.

$15 – Early – Ends September 30th, 2015
$25 – Standard – Ends October 31st, 2015
$35 – Late – Ends November 8thth, 2015
$50 – Day Of – Ends November 14th, 2015

If you are asked to change divisions in order to facilitate match ups, no fees will be applied.

Falsified Records

If an athlete is found to have submitted a false record, they will be disqualified from competition.

Out of Province Athletes

The purpose of the provincial tournament is to promote competition and establish Ontario rankings, as well as set the stage for Nationals in February. Out of province competitors are welcome in the tournament, be they from Canada or the United States.

Tournament Champions

Tournament Champions are separate from Provincial Titles, and the two co-exist. A provincial title is established through rankings, an agreed matchup, and needs to be defended or it will be vacated. Tournament Champions are the winners of their respective tournament division among all the athletes who registered.

Coach/Corner Registration

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While there is no tournament registration fee, coaches and corners must be members of Muay Thai Ontario in order to participate in the tournament. Corner passes will be issued at the tournament, and only two corners may be present at the ring with an athlete.


Club Discount

Club membership with Muay Thai Ontario is not required to participate in the Provincial Tournament, however, member clubs of Muay Thai Ontario will receive a discount code to apply at checkout. This code is only applicable to an athlete’s registration costs (including membership and passbook).

Team Trophy

A team trophy will be presented to the club that accumulates the greatest number of marks based on athlete performance, as outlined in Rule 26 of the Rules & Regulations.


Refunds on registration fees will only be offered for athletes who registered as an alternate and did not get to compete, or for athletes whose bracket was closed out.

Refunds on athlete membership will be provided if purchased with registration and the athlete qualifies for a registration refund.

Refunds on passbooks will only be made available to athletes whose brackets are closed out in advance of competition.

Refunds will not be provided to athletes who drop from competition.

Refunds will not be provided to athletes who are disqualified from competition.

Refunds will not be provided to coaches/corners for membership.

Refunds will not be provided for individuals who fail to meet all their registration requirements (e.g. purchased a registration without an existing membership, not submitting an annual medical.)

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