There are two main components to managing your membership with Muaythai Ontario.

1) Your MTO Online Passport
This is your digital membership card with MTO. Athletes or Coaches will use their Online Passport to check-in at events to compete or coach. Members are responsible for keeping Passport up-to-date prior to competition. Issues cannot be fixed on the day of the event. Please contact MTO during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm) to resolve any issues beforehand.
2) Your myMTOaccount
This is where you log in to update details on your Athlete Passport, Coach Passport, or Official Passport. And in some cases, Club representatives will be able to update their MTO Club Directory listing.

  • Athletes are responsible for keeping an accurate, up-to-date record;
  • Results from MTO events are not all updated yet. It is currently being entered for you by MTO’s Data Processing Team;
  • Any competitive experience outside of MTO must be recorded before you are scheduled for Muaythai Ontario competition. If you are not scheduled to compete, you’ll need to make sure your account updated within at least 10 days;
  • Failure to keep records up-to-date can result in disciplinary action, including a suspension.