The Athlete Passport displays an athlete’s full competitive history. An athlete is responsible for keeping their passports up-to-date by logging into myMTOaccount. Failure to keep records up-to-date may result in suspension.

Any competitive experience outside of MTO must be recorded before you are scheduled for Muaythai Ontario competition. If you are not scheduled to compete, you’ll need to make sure your account updated within at least 10 days of your non-MTO competition.

The type of experience to enter would be striking-based combat sports, such as Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Karate etc.

Note that any MTO results will be updated for you by MTO’s Data Processing Team. They are currently entering previous events onto the site, and it may not show up on your profile yet.

  • Log in at or use the ‘My Account’ button on the homepage;
  • Go to the ‘Athlete Information’ tab and scroll down to the section titled, ‘Full Contact Contests Outside MTO’ and click ‘Add Row’;

  • Enter as much details as you can about your match;
    • Date of event;
    • Sport type;
    • Sanctioning body of the sport;
    • Event Name;
    • Competition weight in kg;
    • Opponent’s name; and
    • Result: Win, Loss, Draw, or Full Contact Exhibition. (Note that a FC Exh is not the same as a ‘draw’ per MTO competition rules).
  • Once entered, use the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the page to ensure record is locked in;
  • Do not click on ‘add row’ again unless you have another match to enter;

  • If you have another match to enter, click ‘add row’;

  • Once saved, entered matches will be grayed out to prevent deletion and changing of an Athlete’s class;
  • An Athlete’s class is auto-generated by the experience entered on their myMTOaccount.

Record changes will show up on your Athlete Passport.

If there are any mistakes or errors in locked information, please contact Muaythai Ontario to fix it!

More questions? Visit our FAQ.