The Athlete Passport or Coach Passport is what you use to check-in at events to compete or corner. Members are responsible for keeping their Passport up-to-date prior to competition. Issues cannot be fixed on the day of the event. Please contact MTO during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm) to resolve any issues beforehand.

  • Select the correct Directory.
  • Athlete Directory:
  • Coach Directory:
  • In the search box, search with just your first name, or just your last name.
    • For Example, searching the full name for a John Tadman won’t yield results. Try “John”,  or only “Tadman”. In this case we recommend searching with “Tadman” as it will likely show the passport at the top of the list, whereas “John” may bring up more search results.

  • When your name shows up, click on name to see the full passport.
  • Your passport will look something like image below, complete with photo, expiry dates, and experience.
  • Save the page to your Passport for easy access at events (either by saving the URL or adding the page to your ‘favourites’ or ‘bookmark’).