Previous Members of MTO:

If you don’t intend on registering this year to compete and don’t have access to your account yet, you can claim your profile to update your Passport with your experience.

Go to your Passport on the directory and scroll to the bottom of your Passport and click the “Claim Profile” button on the sentence, “Is this your profile? Claim Profile”. Login instructions will follow.

New and Renewing Members of MTO:

Use the ‘My Account’ button on the front page, or go to 

For 2020, new and returning members will receive their login information after their membership is processed.

Enter login information on screen (example below) and press the red ‘log in’ button to continue.

If you already have access to your account but forgot password, select the ‘Lost your password?’ prompt under the grey box for instructions.

The password you receive from MTO should be changed for security purposes. Learn how to change your password here.

More questions? Visit our FAQ.