2020 Membership Applications are ready! Before you begin, read this post to learn about the new updates.

New changes to your membership.

Every year Muaythai Ontario works on improving at least one aspect of the membership experience. Some changes are more noticeable than others, but each are important in building the foundations for a strong Muaythai Ontario. The newest update is a big one.

Introducing myMTOaccount.

Members will log in to myMTOaccount to update their Athlete Passport, Coach Passport, or Official Passport. Bonus, clubs will also be able to update their directory listing for the year!

myMTOaccount will become your central hub for all things Muaythai. This is only the first step! Big plans are in store and further development of myMTOaccount is scheduled throughout the year. Let us know what you think.

What does it do?

  • Update details on your Athlete, Coach, or Official Passport;
    • Lets members update contact information, ring names, competitive weight ranges, injuries, experience, uniform sizes, etc.
  • Enables a Club representative to update Club listing details (photos, contact info etc.) on the year’s Club Directory;
  • Keeps accurate records for Athletes;
    • Athletes can easily update their Athlete Passports with any striking-based combat sport experience outside of MTO (ex. Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Muaythai outside Ontario, etc);
    • Experience from MTO competition will be entered for Athletes by MTO’s Data Processing Team;
    • Accurate records on Athlete Passports helps competition hosts make match-ups for competition;
    • Accurate records places Athletes in correct class for safe competition;
  • Lets members easily renew;
    • Having access to previous bout experience, means returning members no longer need to re-enter previous bout experience on their membership renewals!
    • Athletes need only enter any new experience outside of MTO to their myMTOaccount as it happens to keep it up-to-date. Any previous bout experience will be locked to prevent athletes from altering their class.

What does this change?

With a more functional Athlete Passport, Athletes will be required to keep an updated record by logging into their myMTOaccount.

Any competitive experience outside of MTO must be recorded before athletes are scheduled for Muaythai Ontario competition. If athletes are not scheduled to compete, they should make sure their account is updated within at least 10 days. Failure to keep record updated can result in disciplinary action, including a suspension.

So what’s next? Get your club registered first! Without them showing up in the directory, athletes and coaches will not be able to register.